Notice of Annual Meeting

Post date: Oct 5, 2021 06:30:39 PM

Green Glen Acres Homeowners Association, Inc.

Notice of Annual Meeting

Notice of Annual Meeting - Rescheduled

Thanks to the few that showed up to the Annual Meeting last night in the rain; however, in order to vote for the 2023-2024 Board of Directors membership we need at least 10% of the HOA members in attendance to establish a quorum.  We also had trouble getting the teleconference up, so we likely missed a few folks that tried to call into the meeting.

We will try again next Thursday, 16 Nov 2023 @ 7:00PM. The meeting will be in person at 491 CR 385 (bring your own chair) in the barn.  A dial in option is also available: (720)-527-5820. Access #: 2892591 (note, the call quality may not be great).

Meeting is open to all property owners, please try to attend either in person or by phone to support the nomination and election of the Board of Directors for 2023-2024.

The purpose of the Quarterly Board Meeting includes:

HOA Board accomplishments for 2022-2023

-No Dumping signs and chains across easements

-Spring Clean-up Day


The Board of Directors manage the affairs of the Green Glen Acres HOA and shall consist of five or seven members. The Board of Directors are elected to office at each annual membership meeting, and their one year term of office begins on the first Monday after the election of officers at the Green Glen Acres HOA annual meeting. The Board of Directors shall be constituted by adult members of the HOA in good standing with regard to membership in the HOA and they shall not owe any past due debt to Green Glen Acres HOA.

They are empowered to operate and manage the HOA in accordance with their good judgment and discretion during the year. Any policies set out by the membership, however, shall be scrupulously implemented. The Board of Directors shall meet quarterly and at such times as a special meeting is called by a majority of the Board of Directors.

The elected directors shall serve as members of the Board of Directors and have full voice and vote in all issues coming before the Board. They shall be required to attend all quarterly and specially called meetings of the Board of Directors. A majority of the members of the Board of Directors in attendance at a meeting shall constitute a quorum.



The President shall be the presiding officer of all meetings of Green Glen Acres Homeowners Association. The President shall appoint all committee chairmen. The President shall present to the Board of Directors all business that comes before him/her at the quarterly meetings and confer with members of the board regarding issues that may arise during the period between meetings. The President shall oversee the issuance of Resale Certificates in accordance with Chapter 207 of the Texas Property Code and the issuance of Subordination Agreements.

Vice President

The Vice President shall assume all of the duties of the President in his/her absence and be responsible for the review and approval of all building plans presented for approval prior to the start of building a residence. Plans for a building to be located on FM 1957 intended to house a business shall be presented to the entire Board of Directors.


The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of all meetings and keep copies of said meetings in accordance with Green Glen Acres Homeowners Association Document Retention Policy. The Secretary shall file all documents that are required by the Secretary of State for non-profit corporations. The Secretary shall prepare all letters of notice and/or information to be sent to the members of Green Glen Acres Homeowners Association and all landowners and deliver them. The Secretary shall ensure dedicatory instruments are filed with the Medina County Clerk and ensure such documents are posted to the Green Glen Acres Homeowners Association web site.


The Treasurer shall be the keeper of all funds of Green Glen Acres Homeowners Association and have the responsibility of disbursing said funds to pay bills and expenses incurred by Green Glen Acres Homeowners Association; also to receive and record all dues and assessments and other revenues paid to Green Glen Acres Homeowners Association. The Treasurer shall maintain an account history for current landowners as outlined in the Green Glen Acres Homeowners Association Document Retention Policy. The Treasurer shall file a Form 990-N and other required forms with the IRS annually. The Treasurer shall maintain a balance sheet that is updated quarterly. All checks must be cosigned by the President and the Treasurer or Secretary or by the Vice President and the Treasurer or the Secretary. The fiscal year shall begin on the first day of June and end on the last day in May each year.

At Large Board Members

There will be either one or three At Large Board Members elected creating a total of five to seven members of the Board of Directors. The At Large Board Members are voting members of Board and attend all meetings with the purpose of providing support to operate and manage the HOA.


The Board of Directors

All meetings of the Association’s Board of Directors are open to members of the Association subject to the right of the Board to adjourn the Board Meeting and reconvene in closed executive session to consider actions involving: (1) personnel; (2) pending or threatened litigation; (3) contract negotiations; (4) enforcement actions; (5) confidential communications with the Association’s attorney; (6) matters involving the invasion of privacy of individual owners; and/or (7) matters that are to remain confidential by request of the affected parties and agreement of the Board.


If you need to contact Green Glen Acres Homeowners Association please use the following email address: