Utility Providers

Utility Providers

There are not any Cable TV providers in GGA and AT&T does not provide a digital T.V. option. Dish providers such as Direct TV and Dish Network may be able to provide service.

AT&T does not offer DSL throughout the entire subdivision. You will need to contact AT&T to find out if your street has DSL available. If DSL is not available, a dish provider may be able to provide internet service and bundle it with digital T.V.

Other internet options include line of sight service from Rock Solid Internet (www.getrsi.com) or using internet from a cellular provider such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.

Waste Disposal

Metro Waste Systems

Tiger Sanitation

(210) 807-8555

(210) 333-4287

Both waste companies provide service to the GGA. Google Reviews is a great place to start when comparing providers.